A list of sites and companies that you might find interesting…


Batala – Never played in a samba band? You should! A history of the largest global family of samba bands, gallery and videos.
Dame Evelyn Glennie – World-class multi-percussionist, composer, keynote speaker and consultant.

ECymbalsNiche and mainstream percussion related products. Paiste and Meinl gongs and cymbals (plus 2nd hand range).
Modern Drummer – The world’s No.1 drumming magazine. Interviews, articles, competitions, news and reviews. Online books, accessories and educational resources.
Roland – Electronic drum kits, keyboards, effects pedals, production equipment, magazines and more.
Carl Palmer – The world-famous drummer of ‘Emerson Lake & Palmer’ and ‘Asia’. Carl is also a highly skilled clinician and master-class facilitator (and a thoroughly nice chap).
JAS Musicals – The largest importer of Indian musical instruments in the UK. Online shop with books, CDs and DVDs. Concert listings, reviews and teacher database.
RockSchool – The UK’s only dedicated rock and pop exams board. Graded exams for drums, guitar, piano and vocals with video lessons, companion guides and additional resources.
Sheema Mukherjee – World-class sitarist, session musician, performer and fusion artist.


Disclose.tv – UFOs, conspiracy theories, bigfoot, Elvis and the occasional gem (sift carefully).
Infowars – The world’s largest alternative media platform. International news, interviews, analysis and commentary.
RINF tv – Current, varied and thought-provoking content you won’t find on the mainstream media.
TPUC – John Harris’s site. The ‘Freeman’ concept and UK Law. Meet your Strawman – and educate yourself.
Documentary Guide – Free online documentaries with social interest.
National Secular Society – Alternative views and news regarding the Church and State.
Russia Today – Alternative international news, arts, culture and sport.
UK Column – Alternative coverage of politics, media and economics plus live streams with Brian Gerrish and guests.


Danielle Thompson – Actress, model, ex-page 3 girl and Playboy Channel presenter. Mmmm…Dani.
The Internet Movie Database – Movie news, reviews, trailers and all of your film questions answered.
Rotten Tomatoes – Movie news and reviews.
Trash Arts – Local filmmakers, scriptwriters and producers.
Encore Films – Ian Woodward’s site. Current projects, news, reviews and gallery.


The Brick Bible – Epic Biblical tales, re-enacted for a 21st Century audience. With Lego.
Crash Bonsai – Fatal celebrity car wrecks, lovingly recreated in small scale with meticulous attention to detail.
‘London Police Corruption’ – The true story of Ian Puddick vs. A jaw-dropping abuse of power. Quite unbelievable.
‘BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell’ – The BBC reports on the collapse of Building 7 (23 minutes before it happened).
Cats that look like Hitler! – Or ‘Kitlers’ as they’re known.
The Flat Earth Society – Defenders of the truth since 1547!
‘Madness in the fast lane’ – The true story of Ursula and Sabina Eriksson (and one of the strangest you may ever hear).


 Abel Danger – Low on production, high on content. Two senior researchers discuss a quite disturbing world you didn’t even know existed.
Gizapower – Christopher Dunn’s revolutionary theories regarding the Great Pyramid and ancient Egyptian technology.
‘No More Secrets’ – Dr. Michael Persinger’s presentation on untapped human telepathic potential. Fascinating.
Was Extra Equipment Attached To Flight 175?‘ – Genuine CNN footage of the second plane on 9/11. Look closely.
Bad Science – Dr. Ben Goldacre’s site. Hacks, quacks and uncomfortable facts on the misuse of science.
Ingo Swann – Consultant, artist and remote-viewer. Truly a life less ordinary.
‘Nikola Tesla Master of Lightning’ – Hundreds of patents to his name and decades ahead of his time. Died penniless and completely unrecognised.
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake – Controversial biologist, writer and true scientist (even censored by TED).
Visual Education Project – A history of perpetual motion machines and their inventors.  Photos, diagrams and mind-bending videos.
Wide Awake Media – Facebook for conspiracy theorists.


Best prank call ever – Tom Mabe exercises his own brand of vigilante justice on an unsuspecting cold caller.
Robin Cooper – Barking mad author of ‘The Timewaster Letters’.
The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.
Mishka – The talking husky!
Your Daily Fun Video – Smile for once! (Usually at someone else’s expense).

SA Wardega – Featuring mutant giant spider dog, zombie apocalypse and Gandalf on a train line (do not try this at home).