Welcome to the Mott Resource Drum Kit Library.

Here you will find hundreds of written exercises for drum kit, covering theory, rudiments and many different styles.

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General Notes

Recommended sticking in all exercises assumes right-handed playing. Unless otherwise stated, ‘hand to hand’ sticking is RLRL. For left-handed players, simply reverse all sticking.

For most pages, exercises start with the easiest or ‘Basic Form’ at the top and steadily become more advanced. If you’re new to a certain feel or time signature, it’s recommended to start at ex.1 and work down the page. It’s also recommended to study the corresponding Rudiment, Time Signature or Theory page first – before starting any Kit Rhythms or Applications.

If any Kit Rhythm or Application is difficult, practise the patterns for hands and feet separately. Grace notes can also be added after the main groove is established.

BPM marks are target tempos. If an exercise is difficult, start at a slower tempo and work your way up to the target (and eventually faster if you want).

Each exercise has a two bar count and each exercise in the Theory section has one bar count and one bar count + click.

Full details of the notation guide can be found here.


The mott-resource Drum Kit Library is a collection of exercises originally written for my students and based on my experience as a working drummer and teacher. 

The library was created using Roland drums, Rode microphones and SibeliusCubase and Audacity software. 


Photographs by Paul Alexander www.tokyomagic.co.uk