Bosnia 2015

Bosnia - June 2015

Bosnia is a beautiful country. Fresh, clean air, spectacular views. Pyramids? Read on…

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Day 2 – Daorson & Stecak

Note the use of irregular blocks and joints in some of the walls at the Daorson site – a similar technique is found in Egypt and other locations around the world.

Day 3 – Ravne Tunnels, Visoko

Whilst claimed by some to be connected to or even beneath the Pyramid of the Sun, the Ravne Tunnels are approximately 2.5 km away. It’s not actually known if they connect with or lead to the valley of the pyramids. This network extends for a few hundred metres in and, apart from being the ideal place to meditate, its exact purpose is unknown.

Dr Sam’s theory is that these tunnels were intentionally filled thousands of years ago, but it’s a confusing picture. Certain areas of the tunnels’ walls are as tough as concrete, but in most places the conglomerate pebbles can be picked out with your fingertips. Exactly how you tell what’s ‘wall’ and what’s ‘filler’ is unclear.

Also, if you wanted to decommission a tunnel to prevent its further use, the easiest way of doing this would be to seal off the entrance and exit. Completely filling up the tunnels uses a great deal of material and manpower and offers no advantage to simply blocking up the ends. The intelligent placement of seals can also block off access to many tunnels at once.

The ‘filler’ that’s being excavated may simply be softer areas of the local conglomerate that’s settled down over time like the contents of a cereal box and, after three visits to the tunnels, I honestly wasn’t sure if the volunteers were excavating old tunnels or simply digging new ones. If the latter is true, continuing to dig in the direction of the Pyramid of the Sun runs the risk of becoming an archaeological self-fulfilling  prophecy! See Video (7.20) for a look around the tunnels.

Definitions of the term ‘megalith’ vary, but all mention either monuments, stone circles, building blocks or construction. At the moment, the large stones found in the Ravne tunnels do not easily fit into any one of these categories, unless there’s something else that’s yet to be discovered.

Reported by some as ‘Runic inscriptions’, the marks found on some of these stones are only Runic-like. Some of the characters align with what’s known of the Runic alphabet, some of them don’t. There are also a number of credible sources who have reported doubts about the authenticity of these inscriptions and exactly when they were created.

Claims are also made regarding the healing properties of the Ravne Tunnels due to high levels of negative ionisation which is measured using the ‘Bovis’ scale. I was surprised I hadn’t heard of the Bovis scale before and looked it up: The Bovis scale is used in conjunction with dowsing and crystals and is not a recognised S.I. unit.

Search YouTube for ‘orbs’ and you’ll undoubtedly find footage from the Ravne Tunnels. It’s a damp environment and moisture, rather than dust, was the most likely candidate for explaining this phenomena. Me, Sam and Jacks ran a series of tests when I got back and managed to reproduce the orbs effect fairly easily with a darkened room, lights, water and flour. The results can be seen here (8.11).

Dismissing absolutely all of the claims about the Ravne Tunnels would be unfair, as I had a very unusual experience in the orbs chamber which I still can’t explain. In a later conversation with another volunteer, he also had exactly the same experience in the tunnels and also cannot explain it. There may be something down there after all…

Day 3 – Pyramid of the Sun, Visoko

After visiting the Pyramid of the Sun, one issue that wouldn’t go away for the rest of the tour was puddingstone. I’d seen puddingstone in Egypt, knew that it was produced naturally and was therefore puzzled as to how these ‘concrete slabs’ were concluded to be definitely artificial, as they appear to be very similar to natural puddingstone. Each of the institutions and universities who verified the slabs’ artificial nature were contacted, but I received no replies. If I had, my question would have been simple: How did you eliminate natural puddingstone from your research and conclusions?

A debris flow is a moving mass of loose sand, soil, rock, water and air that travels down a slope under the influence of gravity. Around the world, wherever you find ancient debris flows, you also tend to find hills and mountains with quite straight edges and flat faces; almost pyramid like – and this is very similar to what you see in Visoko. See Video (3.15).

(Left to right) Ancient debris flows in Bosnia and Utah. Conglomerate ‘slabs’ in Bosnia, Spain and above and behind the Ravne Tunnel complex (no claims of artificiality are being made about the rock from these areas). Click to enlarge.

Ancient debris flows are conglomerates, which is the same type of rock found on the Pyramid of the Sun. Ancient debris flows also explain why the concrete ‘slabs’ become thinner as you go up: The heavier parts of the conglomerate would roll down further due to gravity.

Rather than man-made pyramids at Visoko, the process of natural debris flows explains three of the major mysteries found at the Pyramid of the Sun and the other question that also wouldn’t go away during the tour: Why are there so many hills and mountains in Bosnia that look like pyramids? See Video (3.15).

Day 4 – Tumulus, Vratnica

The Tumulus at Vratnica is also claimed by some to be an artificial structure, but similar stone slabs can be found naturally.

(Left to right) Natural stone slabs at Wisconsin, U.S. and Sauerland, Germany.

Day 5 – Pyramid of the Moon, Visoko

Claimed by some to be ancient pathways, these features are in all likelihood simply layers of sedimentary rock or laminated mudstone that have only been excavated to the approximate width of pathways. And an obvious question for those who believe that these ‘pathways’ are man-made: Do you think that little stone bench was excavated in situ?

Day 6 – Zavidovici

The mysterious stone balls at Zavidovici could be artificial, as suggested by Dr Sam, or they may simply be Megaspherulites, which can also be found at many other locations around the world.

End of tour

Everything that I saw and touched at the Valley of the Pyramids could be explained naturally. The Visocica Hill’s geometry and composition – which includes quartz – could explain the 28Khz reading at the summit, but I’d like a stronger theory and to take readings myself.

Dr Osmanagich is a clever man. His followers believe that he is offering them a glimpse of human history that’s been intentionally concealed by sinister forces and, as a species, we’ve been lied to about our past. He may well be correct about that but Bosnia is nothing to do with this deception. Rather than rewriting history, something far more worrying is going on in Visoko: Religion. L. Ron Hubbard was right. If you want to get rich, start a religion, and this is exactly what Dr Sam has done in Bosnia. Like all religions it attracts moderates and extremists and questioning the evidence is almost always met with hostility (see comments beneath Rethinking: Bosnian Pyramids). Dr Robert Schoch apparently received death threats for disagreeing with Dr Sam’s claims and another Bosnian believer has taken it upon themselves to investigate the European Association of Archaeology (who also refuted these claims) as it must be part of some larger conspiracy…

There have been five conferences at Visoko and despite hundreds of scientists inspecting the site, the central question ‘Is it a pyramid?’ still remains unanswered. This speaks volumes. There’s nothing out there and controversy alone is the single engine that’s keeping this hoax alive. None of this has any place in science.